31 August 2006

Flesh for Fantasy

Thoughts of what we could do together
Seer through my mind causing love’s divine
Spectacle of our bodies entwined
Forming a unique mélange of asymmetrical mastery
Day and night dreams of pleasure infinite
Arouse vagarious fantasies yet to be explored
Words defile what actions can express
Release from this bondage yet to be satiated

© Blu Jewel 2006

This piece was inspired by the Billy Idol song
Flesh For Fantasy

30 August 2006

RaNdOm PoEtIc MoMeNt # 2

In my southern most state
There's a strawberry patch
Waiting to be harvested
For the berries to be plucked
And the juice to be poured

Won't you be my farmer?

(c) Blu Jewel 2006

29 August 2006

the unfairy tale

Once upon a fairy tale there was a prince and a frog. My fairy godmother told me to pick my true prince, so I picked the frog. Dumbstruck, she asked why and I told her that at least with the frog I knew what I saw was what I was going to get.

(c) Blu Jewel 2006


He begged me to put a condom on my words claiming what I was saying was no longer foreplay and it was becoming hard...literally for him and we needed to play it safe. He said, my words were so sensual and filled with eroticism that if I didn't cover them up he might get pregnant...All I could say was dayum! I didn't know I had it like that.

(c) Blu Jewel 2006

28 August 2006

Love is blind!

As your arms wrap around me
I am warmed by the
Chill of your cold embrace
Suffocated by the
Emptiness of your kiss
Taken by the
Vacated look of your stare
Never embarassed by the
Fool I've become around you
Confined by the
Emotional hold I refuse to escape

(c) Blu Jewel 2006

Inspired by Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me

24 August 2006

I call it good!!!

As previously posted, I told you that I love music. It's so much a part of my daily life and I'm a sucka for the classics. Lionel Richie has been making great music for decades and has out lasted the fly-by-nights popular music swears by. He's come back with a hot song which I advise you to check out. He's collaborated with some of the young and hip producers, and from the sound of his currently released song, I think it was a great move. The song is filled with emotions that make you want to find that someone special and/or make love. The song provides lyrics that we've missed in the current ramblings of today's R&B songs that no longer talk about love or making love, but instead turn love into freaking and bumpin' n grindin'. This song is a refreshing change and fills you like ice cold lemonade on a 90% day. Denying Lionel's long standing reputation in the industry would be like saying K-Fed can rap...A stupid thing to say! (blaaaah! That's me puking) I Call It Love

I know you were probably expecting another fabulous poem today, but I decided to speak through music today.

23 August 2006

Less than honorable intentions

You stood there looking at me
As I took in your sultry body perfectly shaped
I picked you out of the crowd
Your honey brown complexion I craved
I watched you swish and sway toward me
And you seduced me with your taste
Leaving me weak and wanting more
Again and again I took you in
Allowing myself to get hooked on your love
The sensual way you captured me
Had me enthralled in your intoxicating passion
Each time I said no, I’ve had enough
The mere glimpse of you and your liquid seduction
Brought me right back into your arms
At night’s end when all self control was lost
You followed me home and finished having your way with me
As I lay sprawled across my bed
Makeup smeared, hair tussled, and my clothes strewn
I could no longer see that sultry body that drew me in
All I could do was smell the remnants of your scent
As I lay choking in my own vomit; my head pounding
Instead of making me feel good like you promised
I feel like shit and I hate you Jack!

(c) BluJewel 2006

22 August 2006

RaNdOm pOeTiC mOmEnT

While she sat alone at the crowded bar
Ignoring the comments from near and far
A beautiful smile hid her internal pain
MAC makeup concealed the bruises and her shame
Beauty for her was truly only skin deep
Cause she hated herself for the secrets she had to keep
A heroine in her own right for the battles she'd won
But there was no award for single-handedly raising her son
Both victims of the violations of her trust
A forced intimacy conspired from his lust


(c) BluJewel 2006

17 August 2006

Lyrically Speaking

Music is a powerful way of communicating. Though most of the songs today are (in my eyes) a waste of time and energy to produce; however, they appeal to someone, somewhere, and I'll leave it at that.

For me, music is more than just another hot song of the moment; it is a very powerful way of communicating. "When words fail, music remains" is a slogan I came up with and also the sub title to a compilation of CDs I've created. There is no preference to genre or pace; they're merely a collection of songs that actually say something. The creation came about while I was bored of listening to the same old shit that was on mainstream radio and wanted something to listen to with some substance. Granted, there are some songs there were once mainstream, but to me, they had the ever powerful component...meaningful lyrical content. The compilation (now at Vol.13) was no easy feat, but well worth the numerous hours I spent working on them.

Recently, while parusing iTunes, I came across Janita. A young woman from Helsinki, Finland who's voice is sultry, sensual, rich, and very soulful. To me, she's a combination of Sade, Gabriela Anders (another little known artist from Brazil - the girl can sing!), with a sprinkle of Teena Marie. The CD entitled "Seasons of Life" was more than worth the $9.90 I spent to download it. Song for song, Janita had my attention and I can (and have repeatedly) listened to it loop for hours. I shared the CD with friends whom have a greater appreciation for good music and they too were captivated by her lyrical capacity. I strongly recommend Janita to (
http://www.janita.com) to you.

Let me know what you think...Lyrically speaking!

15 August 2006

She who reads...or at least wants to!

As a writer, I often spend countless hours reading just about anything I can get my hands on. I read newspapers; though I find them primarily depressing. I read magazines; though many of them tend to be rather repetitious, too catered, and on a few occasions; amusing. I enjoy fiction because I'm always intested in other writing styles and in many authors. As a subscriber to a book club, I anxiously wait every month for a new book to come in. As an avid reader, I use the month to month delivery as my meter for how soon I should have my book read. The drawback? I'm currently about 4 months behind. I started a book I desperately wanted to read and have yet to complete it. So, in my burgeoning bookcase, I add new books waiting to be read while the one I'm yet to complete sits there sadly waiting my return.

It bothers me that I have not allocated the time to play catch up on my reading, but I'm distracted. I read and write for a living, so there are times when the last thing I want to do is read on my down time. I'm also working on self-publishing, which in itself is an arduous task and I need to focus on that and not other people's work. But I do need the distraction. There's that word again...DISTRACTION. I feel like I'm in a damned if you do, and damned if you don't cycle. Maybe I need my imgainary doses adjusted to quell my bouts of imaginary (though real feeling) ADD and to get back on track.

Whatever it is and whatever it takes, I'll get it together. Passion unsued is like dousing a much needed flame to sustain inner warmth. (Damn, that was a creative quote I just made up!!!!) I can't let the fire die!!!!!!

01 August 2006

Thank You

I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to read Rendezvous. It was something I wanted to share in order to expose my writing capabilities and to solicit feedback on my writing style. I have a tendency toward writing erotica; however, I can and do write on other levels also. This story was a not inspired by anything or anyone; it was just something that came to mind and I went with it. I prefer to step out of the norm and incorporate things that I've found many other authors do not do. I want my characters to have lots of personality, to not fit any specific image or demographic, and to become a part of the reader.
I hope that you enjoyed this story and I especially thank those who posted comments to let me know how they felt about each chapter.
Please check out my website www.blujewel.com, which has samples of poems on it; though the site in not 100% complete yet, to get another feel for my work. In addition, I am on www.myspace.com in order to network to meet other writers or publishing agents looking for new talent. My other blog, Is It Just Me? is a series of tirades from yours truly. http://mentallyspeaking.blogspot.com, which offers another look at my writing style.
Again, thank you for your interest in my works.